La Signora

Creation 2000

By Caterina Sagna 


Caterina Sagna
Alessandro Bernardeschi, Clelia Moretti, Caterina Sagna
Chemical Brothers, D. Reinhardt, Massive Attack, Moby, D. Ross, Tindersticks
Tobia Ercolino
Light design
Nuccio Marino
Maarten Vanden Abeele

Associazione Compagnia Caterina Sagna /Kunstencentrum Vooruit (Ghent)


The Lady gets tired easily, suffers from headaches and is always very busy.
The Lady has a great fear of being ridiculous, gets bored very often,suffers from depression.
The Lady regularly resorts to sanitary and beauty cares and keeps herself up to date with the cultural news; she is always adequate.
The Lady’s teeth have no cavities.
The Lady travels often.
The Lady believes kids to be too intrusive and cannot stand cats.
The Lady owns some stock, but she does not remember which ones and gets nervous reading the daily news.
The Lady has moving and licentious memories.
The Lady does not cook but knows how to create highly refined menus, she cannot play golf but goes to the club every week-end, she does not read books but knows all the authors and titles in the best-seller’s list.
The Lady is always a little cold and in order to get warmer she drinks, she adores wine.
The Lady never finds what she is looking for.
The Lady has much imagination and great taste.
The Lady is ready for anything.

Caterina Sagna