Autres projets

Creation 2006


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Nightshade brings together striptease and art. Victoria invited seven icons of the contemporary performing arts to choreograph a striptease act. They will not be working with their familiar dancers or actors, but with male and female professional striptease dancers. Two very different worlds – those of entertainment and of art – will be combined in a show that brings the two genres face to face.

The list of choreographers includes Alain Platel, Wim Vandekeybus, Vera Mantero, Johanne Saunier, Caterina Sagna, Eric De Volder and Claudia Triozzi: experienced creative people, all real stars in the contemporary performing arts. In Nightshade they make their own mark on their individual striptease act, though obviously within the boundaries of the project as a whole. The overall directing is in the hands of Pol Heyvaert and Dirk Pauwels, the musical setting will be provided by the composer Ad Cominotto (Arno, Viktor Lazlo, Adamo, Alain Bashung etc.), who, in consultation with each choreographer, will create a piece to be performed live by the Emanon ensemble.

The intention of Nightshade is to present striptease in a clearly-defined artistic context and to examine it in the framework of contemporary performing arts conventions. Nightshade is thus the result of one of Victoria’s main interests: taking artists out of their specific setting by making an untypical request, and broaching unprecedented subjects in an artistic context. By asking contemporary choreographers to work on the phenomenon of ‘striptease’, we present them a substantial challenge and give this dance genre a distinct meaning. The challenge is to give erotic dance, the game of seduction and the beauty of the naked and provocative body a meaningful place, and to stimulate the audience with their exceptional aesthetic approach.

Produced by Victoria, Gand
Co-produced by Parc de la Villette, Paris and centre d’arts Vooruit and Festival of Flanders, Ghent 
Concept Dirk Pauwels
Choreography Eric De Volder, Caterina Sagna, Vera Mantero, Alain Platel, Johanne Saunier, Claudia Triozzi  and Wim Vandekeybus
Musical setting Ad Cominotto
Played by Emanon Ensemble
Coordinating directors Pol Heyvaert and Dirk Pauwels
Photo ©Phile Deprez / concept photo Mathilde Geens / chat Vin-Kyan de Sphynx Palace