Creation 2009

By Carlotta Sagna


© Adriano Boscato

Choreography and performer Carlotta Sagna
Texts Anna Sagna and Carlotta Sagna
Lights Philippe Gladieux
Costumes Alexandra Bertaut
Special thanks to Arnaud Sallé for the additional sound
Administration – Booking Bureau Cassiopée

Producer Association Al Dente
Co-production Arcadi ; Torinodanza Festival ( Turin, IT); L’Espal, scène conventionnée et théâtre municipal Le Mans (FR).
With the support of la Ménagerie de Verre within the the framework of Studiolab, and La Ferme du Buisson, scène nationale de Marne La Vallée (FR).

The company Caterina & Carlotta SAGNA is supported by the DRAC Ile-de-France / Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.

Duration : 50 minutes


Statement of intent

I’m writing a solo.
I write the text without giving much thought to how it’ll be staged, and I prepare for studio rehearsals without being too mindful that I’m the one who’ll be responding to proposals.
But when I actually get down to rehearsing, the fact of being alone becomes primordial. The absolute freedom that happens when you’re alone can turn into a trap. It isn’t a matter of discipline.
I can’t fool myself. I know myself too well to be able to con myself with actor’s “tricks”. I’m searching for truth, and truth is always in motion. So I avoid “closing” things and I am weary of “good ideas”.
I realize, while writing this work-process (which is not a method because I’m just trying it out), that there’s something schizophrenic about it. This is just by chance, at least I think so, considering the show’s topic.

I saw a slogan for a consumer good: “…For men who know how to live”.
I wondered …what about the others? I started reading about the others, those who live with less ease, those for whom daily lifeis not straightforward. Their diaries, writings by people who accompanied them…I came across a definition I really like: those who have trouble living (to the point of being inept at living) in our society are artists and psychotics.
When you tell an artist: “you’re crazy”, it’s obviously a compliment.
I put myself in the shoes of someone who is on the verge of going crazy (I’ve decided to use this generic term). His reasoning, which is lucid and intelligent, runs the risk of driving him bit by bit, through flawless logic, to perilous depths.
The precipice is in reach of everyone. Life brings us to its very edge several times; taking the step overboard is but a moment of weakness.
I wish to reveal this vulnerability and fragility that, depending on the individual’s mental state, can become pathological. I wish to probe the limits of normality and pathology, to unravel and reassess the border between them…


“ …The problem is that this guy has lots of savoir-vivre, meaning he fits into society, and I don’t, and I shouldn’t have laughed, I should have been slightly uncomfortable and then gradually let go during the interview, loosening up, this way he’d have felt he was doing a good job at gaining my trust and he would have been reassured by his know-how and then
at our next meeting, he’d be sure of himself and there would have been room for a spark of humor.
But I spoiled it all, I laughed.

I’m just not psychotic enough to be able to laugh whenever I want!

It’s fantastic, dazzling, to know till the last drop that whether or not I ultimately succeed, whether or not I understand, whether or not I get paid, and whether or not I get healed, it doesn’t mean a thing, it doesn’t change the truth. The truth wins. We joke around, and if we can laugh at ourselves, we’re saved.


You can’t separate true from false.
A healthy adult is someone who has entered falsehood. The others, those who aren’t healthy adults, are not useful, they don’t count.


Whatever isn’t useful is supreme,
Supremacy can’t be bought,
It isn’t a right,
It isn’t the outcome of anything,
It isn’t the outcome of a request,
Or of a claim,
It is unconditional, indisputable, it isn’t a privilege.
It is supremacy, through grace or disgrace.

Whatever I think doesn’t interest me and doesn’t concern me.”

Carlotta Sagna