Creation 2011


Carlotta Sagna & Arnaud Sallé 



© Alain Szczuczywski

By and with Carlotta Sagna & Arnaud Sallé 
Light Design   Françoise Michel 
Administration - Production - Distribution   Bureau Cassiopée

Executive production Association Al Dente

The company Caterina & Carlotta SAGNA is supported by the DRAC Ile-de-France / Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.

Duration 50 minutes 


Project proposal

“FUGA (“fugue”), evasion, deviation, digression ; Run away from good ideas, cheat convictions, deny the obvious, shatter the order of things as soon as we recognise it.
Arnaud Sallé is a musician, he plays the pebbles, the tiles, the sheets, the pens, the piano, and the guitar... Carlotta Sagna, a dancer, actress and choreographer, has given up on any attempt to define herself.
In this fugue, their worlds come together, unite, amalgamate, clash, gauge one another, converge...

Arnaud and I wanted to be influenced by each other to the greatest extent possible, even to be contaminated, parasitic on one another; this exercise in listening to one another brings us to a vulnerable place on stage, which is exactly what we were after. That is when things get interesting, when you are focused not on yourself, or your partner, but on the in-between! Our roles nurture one another to the point of confusion, for Arnaud the sounds of Carlotta and for Carlotta the movements of Arnaud.

There is no end to our quest to enhance this sensitivity, although improvisation is the space where it may be sought, in the state of attentiveness where we are always ready to inspire and to be inspired by the present.”

Carlotta Sagna