Creation 2001

Solo for Alessandro


Caterina Sagna
Alessandro Bernardeschi 

Vif du sujet / SACD / Festival d'Avignon 2001


"Why not only one story but a hundred, a thousand stories? Because there is no longer a need to simulate and to frame but to let narration and its memory expand as widely, meticulously and quickly as possible, going from horror to humour, from the verification of multiple deaths to the mystic state, passing, cabalistically, through derision, obscenity and, of course, the tragic."

Philippe Sollers, Paradis, Editions du Seuil, 1981


Alessandro Bernardeschi belongs to the group of Italian dancers migrated to France at the end of the 1980’s. Already an interpreter of the works of Paco Decina, Catherine Diverrès and Karine Ponties, he has been invited by Héla Fattoumi and by the SACD to the dance program of the Avignon Festival with a new creation.
Together with Caterina Sagna (Le Sommeil des Malfaiteurs, The Lady, and soon Little Sisters) Transgedy was born: in 25 minutes, Shakespeare’s tragedies...


Transgedy is a transaction of various tragedies. We have operated a summary from different transmarine works, English ones to be exact (Shakespeare), to obtain our work material, coming to an agreement without scruples or guilt. A figure is born, as in trance, who transfigures by letting himself be transited by transitory characters, with whom he identifies to the extreme, transubstantial to any stimulus. The transfer occurs through transitions and it is transitive that Alessandro be transited by characters of both sexes without ever appearing transexual. A transitional solo, only 25 minutes long, where a transgender transiting between being and appearing generously gives himself completely, translucent in the paths of emotions and tragically vital in his sacrifice to the pre-eminently transitable place: the theatre.

TRANCE - condition similar to a hypnotic state (...) with multiple personality manifestations
TRANSACTION - settlement on a compromise basis
TRANSEXUAL - in reference to one who has undergone a sex change
TRANSFER - transposition process (...) of feelings and emotions
to TRANSFIGURE - to change one’s aspect or expression
TRANSGENDER - transversal as pertaining to the genders
to TRANSIT - passing through, across or over
TRANSITABLE - likely to be passed through, across or over
TRANSITION - passage, way of passing from one subject to another
TRANSITIONAL - destined to pass
TRANSITIVE - a=b b-c therefore a=c
TRANSITORY - provisional, precarious, temporary
TRANSLUCENT - letting oneself be penetrated (by light)
TRANSMARINE - that which is over-sea
TRANSUBSTANTIAL - changing one’s substance.